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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, information represented is self-reported by each provider and is subject to change without notice. The list of participating providers on this web site have been approved for Covered Services ONLY. Participating providers may charge members for non-covered services and services determined by your HealthSpan benefit plan to be NOT Medically Necessary. To obtain information on Covered Services under your healthcare benefit plan, please contact your Plan Administrator. You should always confirm, prior to receiving care, whether a provider is currently participating in your specific plan by contacting HealthSpan, LLC, by calling (513) 551-1400 or (888) 914-7726 or the party referenced in your benefit materials. In addition, although HealthSpan attempts to credential all physicians within a group, HealthSpan can only credential individuals. Therefore, please verify that your specific physician is in our network. Practitioners may have multiple office locations. Only those locations listed are considered participating with HealthSpan. In addition, please make sure you check your practitioner's location for participation in your specific network. Please review the networks listed per location to determine participating network status. HealthSpan, LLC, shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or uncovered charges as a result of using this provider locator web site or receiving care from a provider listed in this site.

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